We are Luxury Beach Realty! 100% commissions! the right choice!

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We are <br />Luxury Beach Realty!<br />100% commissions!<br />the right choice!<br />

<br />Looking to not give such a large percentage of your commissions away to big franchise companies?How does 100% commission sound?Here at Luxury & Beach Realty we are a brokerage that offers 100% commissions and  low monthly office dues.We believe that you work hard for your commissions and you deserve to keep that hard earned money.This site will help you navigate to the real estate career you have only been dreaming about. Let us help you make it a reality!Contact Luxury Beach Realty today to get more information or to get an application!Phone: 727-800-5906Email: recruiting@luxuryandbeachrealty.com<br />

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