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About us

Luxury & Beach Realty brings the convenience of a full service real estate brokerage to a boutique beach front setting. Since 2013, we’ve specialized in luxury real estate in the Tampa Bay, Naples and Orlando areas. We’ve also been committed to fostering the unmatched quality of life found throughout these communities.
Unlike big-box brokerages, we pride ourselves on being a hands-on. Our goal is to bring buyers and sellers together and build long-term working relationships that bring value to both sides. Because of this, buyers and sellers return to us time after time for their real estate needs.






Giving Back to the Community

Our headquarters are located in St. Petersburg and we believe it is our duty to give back to the community in which we work and live. With involvement in Tampa Bay Watch, a local habitat protection and restoration organization, we look forward to each opportunity we have to volunteer in restoring and preserving beautiful Tampa Bay.

The benefits of working for us

Our kvCORE lead generation CRM gives our agents a huge advantage and edge in the marketplace.

This industry-leading tool offers agents a personalized platform with all the necessary business tools integrated into one system, streamlining daily operations. Through automated features, agents can effortlessly engage leads with customized campaigns, freeing up time for other tasks.

Cyber Security

About LBR

What Defines LBR

We thrive on four defining pillars: agent autonomy, financial stability, support and culture, and cutting-edge technology.

We allow our agents freedom. We do not have many of the rules, restrictions and excessive fees like most larger brokerages. This affords our agents more business flexibility because, as a brokerage, we can make decisions that affect agents quickly and easily.

– Agents who choose us for autonomy see themselves as entrepreneurs and business owners. “The greatest motivation and personal satisfaction comes from those goals that we choose for ourselves.”
– Run your business as you see fit.
– More creative control over your own brand.
– Choose the products and services that best fit your needs.

We believe that we are the best value in real estate brokerages. We offer our agents all of the tools they need to be successful, at an affordable price. Our brokerage can be customized to only pay for the services you choose.

Agents who would choose LBR:
– Want their businesses to be more profitable.
– Want to run their business more economically.
– Want to reinvest in their business.
– Our fee structure is simple, A $60 monthly fee & $300 transaction fee; *optional kvCORE smart CRM $50 monthly.

LBR offers “BROKERAGE STABILITY” – we’ve been able to withstand “challenging” market times.

We see ourselves as a brokerage where professional realtors collaborate, innovate, educate and prosper together. Luxury and Beach Realty provides a high-level of quality-support and accessibility not offered by other real estate brokerages. Direct broker support: (727) 800-5906
LBR’s training team works with agents to show them how to take advantage of the best technology in the industry through continuous training and mastermind opportunities.